Video and Interactive

Including (but not limited to): videos and interactive web pages

In Spring/Summer of 2016, SelfScore began aggressively seeking new users. We needed a major refresh of our flagship video, one that would address several marketing points in under 90 seconds: 1) a quick education on the importance of building credit in the US, 2) a pitch for SelfScore’s credit card, and 3) a pitch for SelfScore as a financial resource platform. The resulting video, a collaboration with animator Ruben DeLuna, led thousands of new users to sign up for our credit card and to date has over 133,000 views on YouTube:

Starting in 2010, I’ve collaborated on numerous projects with Very True Story, an SF design firm and production studio. They’re a superlative team of designers headed by Adam Glickfield and I’ve had the pleasure of working with them on campaigns for Electronic Arts, MobileIron, United Way, and Blackboard amongst many others. My work involves generating scripts, concepts, and copy for the studio’s signature web animations. Concepts are then refined collaboratively between producer, designer, writer (me), and client. Here’s a few that I’ve worked on:


United Way “Make It Be” Campaign

Blackboard xpLor

ASPPA Protect My Piggy


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