I write. A lot. Prose fiction, comics scripts, and screenplays. There’s my most recent story Junky Cosmonaut, my Borges-inspired Vistas (Vista1, Vista2), and the first story of my Star Wars series, an attempt to invent back stories for my favorite side characters from the original trilogy. All of this and more, including reviews that I don’t write for anyone else, can be found on my blog, City of Perpetual Resonance.

There’s a novel called The Anglekeeper that’s done, but not ready to drop. There’s also a few comics in the works. One of them is called Silver and it’s about how great the future might be. The other one is called Hitchhiker and it’s about how weird the present is. Check here or on Twitter for updates on these.

I’m also an arts & culture journalist who spouts off regularly at SF Weekly and Invisible Oranges.