UX Content

Including (but not limited to): sign-up flows, dashboards, and mobile app screens

In collaboration with our CPO, head designer, and UX lead, I helped craft SelfScore’s dashboard experience. Our goals were three-fold: 1) Build trust with our user base (they’re sharing sensitive data with us), 2) Create an intuitive UX experience for non-native English speakers, and 3) Brand SelfScore with a sleek, minimal web experience.
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Over Winter 2014/Spring 2015, I developed the brand voice, instructional content, and user-facing copy for whil, a health and wellness platform based on mindfulness meditation principles. A few samples of my work there follow:

Kelly Boys Calming Anxiety Series View

Kelly Boys Calming Anxiety Session View

Kelly Essentials Series

Kelly Essentials Sessions

Mark Coleman Essentials Series View

Mark Coleman Essentials Session View