This page includes commercial writing, journalism, and web design that I’ve done. Please contact me at alee(dot)karim(at)gmail for any project you may have along these lines.


Since 2010, I’ve worked as a copywriter on numerous projects with Very True Story, an SF design firm and production studio. They’re a superlative team of designers headed by Adam Glickfield and I’ve had the pleasure of working with them on campaigns for Electronic Arts, MobileIron, United Way, and Blackboard amongst many others. My work involves generating scripts, concepts, and copy for the studio’s signature web animations. Concepts are then refined collaboratively between producer, designer, writer (me), and client. Here’s a few that I’ve worked on:


United Way “Make It Be” Campaign

Blackboard xpLor

ASPPA Protect My Piggy


Blog Talk Radio



My first cover story for SF Weekly. An investigation into the possibilities of digital storytelling on iOS through profiles of two local creative endeavors: Madefire, a publisher of motion books seeking to disrupt the comics mainstream and A Silent History, a unique digital-only novel.


Following the tragic suicide of Aaron Swartz, I profiled three Bay Area organizations with which he was deeply involved—Internet Archive, EFF, and Noisebridge—to discuss his legacy and their ongoing commitment to keeping online information, and its champions, free.

Web Design

I designed the One Iceland website using the gorgeous Adapt theme as a base. Actually, we didn’t alter much: the theme was exactly what we needed. They also offer fantastic support–I highly recommend it.

I added a forum, Facebook comments, ad support, analytics, mailing list support, and social media buttons and TA-DAH! We were golden. Take a look: