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An actual update

A friend mentioned that they’d bookmarked my blog so I’ve decided to start updating it again. So what’s been up you ask?

I’ve been doing a lot of metal journalism for Invisible Oranges, the metal blog edited by Cosmo Lee. Here’s a link to my entries. I used to write a MySpace blog called The Metal Apologist (all entries of which are collected on THIS blog) and my writing at IO can be considered a substitute for MA.

The Atomic Bomb Audition has been my main focus as of late. We just self-released our 3rd album, Roots Into The See. It’s available on vinyl LP and high-quality digital download ONLY. You can buy or listen to it here: theatomicbombaudition.bandcamp.com

Lastly, my ongoing concern has been a first attempt at a large-scale writing project. This is a graphic novel script entitled Silver. I’m reluctant to share script pages; how much meaning can one glean from a technical comic script with panel descriptions and lettering instructions substituting for evocative prose? I can, however, share my essential pitch/logline:

Silver is a point of convergence: a potent chemical, a revolutionary device, a woman with staggering psychic powers—these 3 elements synthesize to create a great weapon that unravels the fabric of our reality. This is the story of the inevitabilities that lead to this convergence and its consequences.

Anything regarding this story that seems “shareable” (i.e. suitably protected and developed for your profane eyes) will make its way to CoPR.

Alee Karim & The Science Fiction will record new material this Winter to be shared in 2011. Be prepared for mega sonic evolutions and LOTS of synth via Shayna and Norman.

Cheers and thanks for reading/caring,